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Some interesting facts you probably never knew about Heathrow Airport:- Terminal 5 has  a roof area to the size of five  football pitches.- Northern Runway of the airport is 2/5 height of Mount Everest.- There is a goast train station underneath the busy gates of Terminal 5 . " You can never finish unwrapping a [more...]
Gentlemen, especially those planning to take me on longer adventure, often ask me questions about my leisure time as well as my passions.To answer some of your queries, literature has always been a great passion of mine ( among others).I even have Master's degree in English Literature.Therefore, I will speak [more...]
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  I am  not a fan of eating  out on cold pavements, when tempratures are just above 0 C.Roll- on 17th May, when we will be able to enjoy fine dinining indoors! Below, there is a short list of my favourite places in London ( and beyond ).As much as I like to [more...]
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